French Footballers Will Receive Stern Talking-To

It seems as if the French soccer team may not get away from its actions during the World Cup scot-free.

According to the Associated Press, French striker Thierry Henry called for a meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy upon the team’s return to France to discuss their disastrous World Cup showing.

Sarkozy, who publically denounced the squad’s actions, has also scheduled a meeting with ministers come up with a plan on how to reform French soccer.

The team’s meltdown started when star striker Nicolas Anelka verbally attacked French coach Raymond Domenech, refusing to apologize and subsequently being sent home by the French Football Federation.

Then the team went on strike in protest of the Federation’s hard-nosed approach and refused to train. However admired team solidarity may be on the soccer field, this may have led to their 2-1 loss against South Africa, and their elimination.

Adding insult to injury, the French team’s elimination Tuesday night means they now have to return to a country full of disgruntled French soccer enthusiasts – in addition to one very disappointed president. French Footballers Will Receive Stern Talking-To