Gilmore says Runyan should be fine tonight

The question mark for Burlington County operatives engaged in the 3rd Congressional District race is how well Jon Runyan does in Ocean County, where a county to county GOP conflagration two years ago created a few lingering lumps.

Veteran Ocean County Republican Organization Chairman George Gilmore had a late afternoon answer for the skeptics.

“Jon Runyan is going to do fine in Ocean,” said the chairman. “It’s a low turnout election, yes. Is he going to pull down Cchris Smith numbers and win 4-1? No. But he will win in Ocean.”

Runyan today is trying to get past Justin Murphy, a former Tabernacle committeeman who has tapped the anti-organization Tea Party mood in Ocean. 

Gilmore this afternoon reiterated his positive sense of Runyan.

“He’s totally cooperative, and a nice guy,” said the chair. “It’s surprising that for a guy who played in the violent world of professional foortball, he’s incredibly reserved and respectful.”

Simultaneously, in the other two counties in the district, absentee ballot totals from Camden show Runyan with 89 and Murphy with 24; and in Burlington, 272 for Runyan and 98 for Murphy.

Gilmore says Runyan should be fine tonight