Good Riddance, Ms. Thomas

Helen Thomas is gone as a columnist for the Hearst chain. She resigned-hopefully at the suggestion of her bosses-after she offered a hateful “solution” to the problems of the Middle East. She suggested that Jews leave Israel-actually, she referred to “Palestine”-and return to Germany and Poland.

The 89-year-old Ms. Thomas was known for her anti-Israel views, at least among her colleagues. In some ways, then, her remarks were hardly a surprise. They pretty much summed up her worldview, although she never expressed her opinions so bluntly, at least not in public.

There’s no use arguing with a bigot, certainly not one as seasoned as Ms. Thomas. She has apologized, but it’s hard to believe that the uproar has changed her opinion of Israel. She has, of course, every right to her opinions. But those who disagree with her also have every right to protest the hatred and ignorance that misinform her work.

Israel’s enemies-and there is no shortage of them-no doubt will hail Ms. Thomas as a hero and a martyr. So be it. Fair-minded Americans, however, will bear in mind that her opinions are based not on a careful reading of history and close observation of current events, but on sheer stupidity.

She will not be missed.

Good Riddance, Ms. Thomas