Google Plants a Flag in ‘Inadequate Content’

Google has filed a patent for technology that helps identify undercovered topics on the internet by comparing what users search for and what they find, according to Kenneth Li at the Financial Times.

These underserved topic areas are called “inadequate content” — white space in the digital media landscape.

Technology that can find this white space would allow Google to outflank companies like Demand Media, which was mentioned in Andrew Rice’s New York Times Magazine piece in May about what readers want on the internet.

Demand media, according to that article, uses an algorithm that mathematically generates story ideas based on existing web content. Story ideas out of that algorithm, Mr. Rice reported, were nearly five-times as valuable dollar-wise as ideas generated by human brainstorming.

A Google spokesman assured Mr. Li that the future products should not be “inferred” from the patent filing.

Google Plants a Flag in ‘Inadequate Content’