How Much is Your Ex-Governor’s Pension?

The Empire Center today is out with a new section on its government spending website that lists pensions for retired New York State employees. As the fiscally conservative think tank has done with salaries of government agencies, it made a list of the top-earners.

The winner: George Phillip, who, per the Empire Center, should take in $261,037 this year.  He also happens to be a double dipper (which is not uncommon in state and city government). Phillip is currently the president of SUNY Albany, taking a SUNY salary there ($280,000, according to the Post), and his pension is from his previous jobs at the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System, where he served as executive director, among other roles.

In addition to the list, there is a searchable database, and here’s a few notable names I pulled up:

Joseph L Bruno – $96,085

Alan G Hevesi – $105,221

Mario M Cuomo – $54,962

George E Pataki – $101,200

Judith S Kaye – $79,396

Hugh L Carey – $16,949

Stan Lundine – $33,294


How Much is Your Ex-Governor’s Pension?