How to Recognize a Spy in Your Grad Program

Accused spy Donald Heathfield attended Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. How do his former classmates remember him? The Times investigates, and finds that “some of his characteristics have taken on a new, perhaps eerie, meaning.”

For example:

– Being vague about career plans:  Heathfield was ‘always very vague’ about his ambitions, according to one former friend. “He always used a lot of business speak,” said the friend.

– Enjoying alcohol: Heathfield “organized a Scotch-tasting tour for the handful of Canadians in their class,” according to the same friend.

– Sounding kind of pretentious and dopey: A second classmate reported that Heathfield “had started a company called Future Map”–“It was about systemically analyzing problems and mapping out their solutions,” he said.

– Participating in activities with other people: “Another classmate who did not want his name used described Mr. Heathfield as ‘a joiner’ who regularly showed up for social events during his year at Harvard.”

Grad students of America, we are watching you!

How to Recognize a Spy in Your Grad Program