How to Recognize a Spy on Facebook or at a Cocktail Soiree

Yesterday’s Post account of Russian spy Anna Chapman focused primarily on her hotness and her wily spy-schemes (“Excuse me, could we have met in Malta in 1999?“). But now, in today’s follow-up article, we discover the “new, perhaps eerie meanings” of these phenomena: Chapman’s hotness was at times skanky, and her schemes were not so great.

To what spy behaviors does the Post alert us?

– Use of spotty/nonstandard language online: According to the Post, “While her English is fractured in some of her blog postings — in one on finances, she wrote ‘Lets looking into some basics’ — Chapman’s American seemed fluent. ‘My new Mac has been the buy of the year  … Love it!’ she wrote in one Facebook posting.”

– Dislays of poor taste at “Wall Street cocktail soirees”: “At parties, she ‘would be very flirtatious,’ said one moneyman. … ‘She was very sexually aggressive [and] wore revealing clothing … I thought she was a call girl because she dressed that way.'”

– Failure to know what the hell a derivatives trader does, while pretending to be a derivatives trader: “‘She told me she was a derivatives trader. I asked her one thing any derivatives trader would know and she didn’t know what I was talking about,’ he said. ‘She was just dumb, quite frankly.'”

Let us increase our vigilance accordingly.

How to Recognize a Spy on Facebook or at a Cocktail Soiree