‘Impotent Little Troll’ and ‘Bozos’ on the Upper East Side

All is not well behind the dull brick facade of the co-op at 301 East 62nd Street.

A war of words has erupted between two residents, who the board chairman calls the “Bozos,” and the chair himself, who the “Bozos” call an “impotent little troll,” according to an article in today’s New York Times.

The article begins like this:

“You needed to get booted out 20 years ago,” the e-mail message said.

“Unfortunately,” it continued, “others let you sit on your little throne, while you FAILED in your fiduciary responsibilities for the building.”

It went on: “GOOD BYE LITTLE NAPOLEAN!!!!! Go while you can and avoid the ridicule of next year’s meeting.” And then: “PS Don’t order anyone around anymore my LITTLE friend. You are ONE owner like everyone else. When I see you I will remind you of that personally.”

And it gets better from there.


‘Impotent Little Troll’ and ‘Bozos’ on the Upper East Side