In Paterson, Rodriguez appears to be back in as councilman

Paterson Councilman-elect Ken McDaniel moments ago posted a Facebook page message to his friends indicating that he may have lost the May 11th council race to incumbent At-Large Councilman Rigo Rodriguez following a recount.

“They found 49 extra ballots,” McDaniel reported. “If these lost ballots are counted, I’m out and he’s in.”

An Election Day winner by six votes over Rodriguez, McDaniel called the development “fishy,” but seemed resigned to the outcome in his message to supporters, thanking them for a great first time effort. A Paterson source referred to today’s “mystery mail-in ballots.”

Late day sources out of Paterson reported today that the Board of Elections ultimately declared Rodriguez the winner by 47 votes.

McDaniel was one of three African American council candidates who claimed victory in the May 11th election. The other two were At-Large Councilman Ken Morris, Jr., and coach Benji Winberly (the night’s top vote-getter).

A prospective mayoral candidate this year, Rodriguez struck a deal with incumbent Mayor Jose “Joey” Torres and opted instead to run again for his at-large council seat. The heavy favoriate heading into Election Day – mostly owing to his 17-1 money advantage, Torres lost to Mayor-elect Jeff Jones.

In Paterson, Rodriguez appears to be back in as councilman