Is This the Return of Kevin Spacey?

Remember when you used to see Kevin Spacey attached to a film project and get excited? It’s true: There was as time when this happened! But somewhere after his performance in American Beauty—which, itself, was hammy and wrought with parody and Jack Lemmon impersonation—Spacey went off the tracks. Between his choices—K-PAX, Pay It Forward, Superman Returns, really?—and his mailed-in performances, if Kevin Spacey was featured in a film, you’d best run in the opposite direction.

But, like so many others—hey, Kiefer Sutherland!—could television be the path to his salvation. Maybe. Spacey is reportedly shopping a new series to the cable channels called The Crux, which would star the two-time Oscar winner as the leader of a cult. Former critic–turned–writer-director Rod Lurie (Commander in Chief with Geena Davis, The Contender) is on board to write the pilot and Spacey is hopeful that either Showtime or HBO will bite. Yes, please.

Couple of things here: (1) If television is good enough for Dustin Hoffman, who is developing a show on HBO with Michael Mann, then it’s certainly fine for Spacey. And (2) anything that lets Spacey play a villain-type again seems like a good bet. And not a villain like the guy he played in 21 or the upcoming Jack Abramoff film, Bagman; we’re talking a seriously messed-up faux-devil like Keyser Soze or John Doe. At least then maybe Spacey would appear interested in working. When the best thing you’ve done in the last five years is voicing a HAL-like computer in Moon, there’s a problem that needs fixing. To the small screen! Is This the Return of Kevin Spacey?