Items! Christopher Hitchens Out of Commission?

Christopher Hitchens has suspended his book tour, and was maybe seen on a stretcher?

“Brooklyn has become as much a brand these days as a location.”

Emma Watson stars in a music video shot in glamorous Greenpoint.

Record attendance at MoMA—thanks, Marina!

Fox News sees objectionable themes on college summer reading lists. For instance: “Society/Poverty/Women,” “Rapacious Capitalism,” and “Despair.”

NYU’s Abu Dhabi campus is super exclusive.

A.O. Scott’s Eclipse review, boiled down to its rating: “PG-13 (parents strongly cautioned). It has blood, death and either nothing but sex or no sex at all.”

Playboy sues Drake.

Did Nouriel Roubini bang a Russian spy?

Eliot Spitzer “loves NASCAR,” apparently. Items! Christopher Hitchens Out of Commission?