Items! Christopher Hitchens to Undergo Chemotherapy

Christopher Hitchens is undergoing chemotherapy for esophageal cancer.

New York will stop requiring those diseased lung and teeth posters at places that sell tobacco.

Editor-in-Chief Anna Holmes leaves Jezebel.

Tavi on Lourdes’ blogging efforts.

What freebies are ethical for food writers?

Apparently Eataly is seeking “foodie bankers,” a niche we did not previously realize existed.

Memo to muckrakers: the pinko liberal media will never latch on to your made-up Al Gore rumors.

David Duchovny comes to Broadway in a new Neil LaBute play.

Your Twilight review of the day.

How did Kagan ever get the idea that these confirmation hearings were all theater?

Giant whale named for Melville.

Items! Christopher Hitchens to Undergo Chemotherapy