Items! Mr. Softee’s Lucrative Empire

Jerry Seinfeld: The jerk store called and they’re all out of Lady Gaga.

Using Foursquare to avoid people: Score.

MTA kicks lucky Upper East Siders out of their apartments.

More casting for the upcoming revival of Angels in America.

Mr. Bloomberg vs. the Mr. Softee trucks, which apparently make $400-900 a day!

Al Pacino is the “guy” from the old Facebook logo.

Everyone loves the Anne Frank story but try to throw some smut in there and suddenly people get mad at you!

New York and The New Yorker compare book selections at their softball game.

Promo photos for the next season of Mad Men.

Twilight screenwriter says the movies aren’t high art. Glad we cleared THAT up.

Blog prodigy Tavi Gevenson guest stars at Jezebel.

Items! Mr. Softee’s Lucrative Empire