Judt Junior vs. Michael Wolff

This weekend, The New York Times Op-Ed page published contributions from Tony Judt and his fifteen-year-old son Daniel. On no apparent factual basis, Michael Wolff announced that Judt had fabricated his son’s writing.

Today the younger Judt takes to the internet to respond. In a piece for the Daily Beast, he writes:

Mr. Wolff, I can’t get around one blockade that will prevent me from proving that I wrote my half of the article: your habit of parading your own opinions as fact, caused by your willingness to make up anything in order to get a few reads, comments, and tweets.

The article is entitled “Michael Wolff is the Child.” Which seems sort of fair!

Still, NB: contributor bio:

Daniel Judt was born in September, 1994, and is in the ninth grade at the Dalton School.

Judt Junior vs. Michael Wolff