Kirsten Dunst Returns to Court

Actress Kirsten Dunst returned to a Manhattan court room today to testify in the trial of a man who allegedly burglarized her Soho Grand hotel room (a brown Balenciaga bag went missing) in August 2007 while she was here filming How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. According to City Room, Ms. Dunst corrected her courtroom demeanor from when she first testified last September.

About eight months ago, the actress giggled nervously and failed at answering questions clearly and seriously. This time, Ms. Dunst “came across as stern, exasperated and somewhat angry in her responses.”

“You, of course, don’t smoke pot, do you?” the defense lawyer prodded at one point. (The defense lawyer for James Jimenez has argued that a man his client accompanied that night was delivering drugs to Mr. Dunst and friends.)

The judge said she did not have to answer. “I don’t,” Ms. Dunst said. The actress’ friend, however, admitted to having marijuana in her bag.

Mr. Jimenez’s first trial ended with a hung jury. Perhaps Ms. Dunst’s performance this time around will clarify things.





Kirsten Dunst Returns to Court