LG Candidate Edwards Says Cox Has Work To Do

After his acceptance speech at the Republican State Convention this morning, Greg Edwards, candidate for lieutenant governor, declined to say whether he supports Ed Cox as chairman of the state party.

“I think that’s a decision that’s going to have to be made,” Mr. Edwards told a swarm of reporters. “I think that he’s got some real work that he’s done. He’s got more work to do. And I’ll leave that to the people that are involved in that process.”

In his speech—which, as Liz noted, was mostly devoid of red meat—Mr. Edwards had praised the county chairmen who held strong despite late-night efforts (one that lasted until 4:30 a.m., according to Mr. Edwards) to sway them during the fierce intraparty feud that may or may not have ended yesterday when Mr. Cox’s preferred candidate, Steve Levy, failed to get 50 percent of the delegates’ support.

“I don’t think it had anything to do with party leadership,” Mr. Edwards said after the speech. “What it showed is that we had great candidates, who were willing to take up the charge, put themselves out there, project their views, their beliefs, what they wanted to bring to those jobs. I tell you what—I couldn’t be more proud of this Republican Party.”

And he opted for the subtle dig at Andrew Cuomo, who had been featured on a “Prince Andrew” poster in the lobby outside the convention until a real estate convention invaded that space this morning.

“There were no coronations the last three days,” Mr. Edwards said. “None. What we had were rock solid people who were willing to step up without the expectation that they would be knighted.”


LG Candidate Edwards Says Cox Has Work To Do