Little Attacks Pallone on…Oil?

Republican Congressional candidate Anna C. Little played the oil spill card Wednesday in her 6th District campaign, calling on incumbent U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-Long Branch) to “take responsibility for his negligence” in overseeing British Petroleum’s Gulf of Mexico operations.

Pallone sits on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, which regulates the oil exploration industry, and Little called news that the government knew of serious issues surrounding BP’s Gulf of Mexico operation before the May disaster that killed 11 workers and sent millions of gallons of oil spewing into the Gulf, “appalling.”

The problem with the charge is Pallone is on record as far back as 2008 opposing offshore drilling and warning about the danger to the coast line form even one accident.  In fact some Jersey Republicans have attacked Pallone for his opposition, saying that he and the environmental lobby would force gas prices over $4 per gallon if they continue to stand in the way of offshore exploration.

In addition, Little is on record favoring offshore drilling, a stance that was used against her in her primary campaign against newspaper publisher Diane Gooch.

Pallone’s camp did not immediately return a call for comment on the charge.

Little Attacks Pallone on…Oil?