Little to Report: a Dispatch From Outside the Yankees Game

As the Yankees are from New York, there certainly must be no better place to watch a Yankees game than in their own stadium. So that’s exactly where we headed last Sunday, eager to cover those feats of derring-do and witness the New Yorkers who love the team so well.

Imagine our surprise, then, when we were stopped at the entrance by a burly gentleman, who said that if we were to enter we would require a ticket  (apparently it’s in the rules, just above “no smoking”). We tried to explain to the man that we’d already pitched the story to our editor, but he would have none of it. What else was there to do but attempt to report the story from a Bronx sidewalk just outside the stadium?

Here comes a fan now. How did you find the game?

“I’m headed into the stadium now,” said Jose Diaz, a pinstriped enthusiast of 55. “So right now I have no idea. I’m a little late, if you’ll excuse me.”

He trotted away from us towards the stadium entrance.

Slightly later in the afternoon, we were elated by a muted roar from the adoring fans inside. Something had almost certainly happened.

As to the final score, or who the opponents were, we really couldn’t hazard a guess. Little to Report: a Dispatch From Outside the Yankees Game