Lonegan: ‘I’m very disappointed’

TRENTON – Steve Lonegan singled out his staunchest ally from last year to voice his displeasure.

It wasn’t the news that Assemblwoman Alison McHose (R-Franklin) or Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll would support the budget.

It was word last night that old pal Senator Mike Doherty (R-Washington Twp.) is poised to vote in favor of Gov. Chris Christie’s $29.4 billion budget and supplemental bills. 

That wounded the fellow GOP outcast whom Lonegan embraced in the 2009 gubernatorial primary on his way to losing most of the rest of the state to Christie while winning Doherty’s western New Jersey base as Doherty won the District 23 senate seat with an aggessive, Lonegan-enforced bid off the line.

“I’m very disappointed,” Lonegan told PolitickerNJ.com. “I guess the Republican Party is dead in New Jersey. Republicans will lose Senate and Assembly seats. Our biggest disappointment is Mike Doherty. He signed our (Americans for Prosperity) no new tax pledge. This is a bad budget. This budget contains four tax increases and accelerates funding for the Abbotts.”

Lonegan: ‘I’m very disappointed’