Malkin Talks to Dolan, Calls Quinn’s Bluff

The Battle of the Bulbs continued Friday between City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Empire State building owner Tony Malkin.

The two apparently exchanged terse words the day before, when Mr. Malkin refused to light his building blue and white in honor of what would have been Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday.

On Thursday evening, Mr. Malkin said he reached out to New York’s Roman Catholic archbishop, Timothy Dolan, and asked for his help to extinguish the ire. “I made the suggestion to Archbishop Dolan on the phone today that all of this negative energy should be put to the exact use Speaker Quinn suggests: serve the community instead of generating negativity,” Mr. Malkin said in a statement.

The real estate mogul added that he supports Ms. Quinn’s idea for New Yorker’s to purchase battery-operated candlesticks and place them in their windows on August 26—a demonstration that seemed directed at Mr. Malkin.

“Encouraging individuals to express themselves with their own lights is a great way for people to show their own feelings,” Mr. Malkin said.

Dare we read between the lines?

Malkin Talks to Dolan, Calls Quinn’s Bluff