Maloney Flack: Saujani Oil Smear ‘Preposterous’

Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s office today called an attack ad released by her opponent—one that seeks to portay Ms. Maloney as a toady of the oil industry—”preposterous.”

“This is preposterous,” said Maloney spokesman Alix Anfang, in an emailed statement. “Congresswoman Maloney has been a clear, consistent leader in standing up to the oil industry and demanding that the oil industry regulators do their job. Our opponent is exploiting this national crisis in an attempt to score political points.”

To Ms. Anfang’s point, Ms. Maloney has a 100 percent approval rating from the League of Conservation Voters, and her legislative record indicates a contentious history with Big Oil.

But James Allen, a spokesman for Ms. Saujani’s campaign countered, “Being a leader is much different than voting the right way on party line environmental bills. Once again, Carolyn Maloney is talking about the past not the future, and following instead of leading. What’s her plan to prevent this from happening again? What’s her proposed legislation?”

The minute-long ad, from opponent Reshma Saujani (recently profiled in The Observer), is titled, “Maloney’s Extensive Ties to BP and Big Oil,” and opens with a montage of news clips depicting the breadth of the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. After 30 seconds of horrifying imagery–including photos of an oil-covered bird–we’re shown a photo of a stern-looking Ms. Maloney, glasses perched on nose, in a toxic-orange-colored power suit juxtaposed onto video of oil-polluted waters.

“Representative Carolyn Maloney, she’s invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in BP and the oil and gas industry,” says the ad. “She’s taken thousands in campaign contributions from oil and gas. Can we count on Maloney to be a leader when she’s beholden to special interests?”

Ms. Maloney no longer owns the investments in question, according to her staff.

See the video here.


Maloney Flack: Saujani Oil Smear ‘Preposterous’