Malpass Gets Endorsement from Defunct New York Daily

Republican Senate hopeful David Malpass has picked up the endorsement of The New York Sun, the former conservative daily that now publishes the occasional article online.

Mr. Malpass is the site’s first local endorsement of the campaign season–a May 21 editorial spoke highly of Kentucky hopeful Rand Paul–and the Sun seems to have a particular affinity for the former aide to Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, whose opponent, Bruce Blakeman, has tried to brand him as the upper crust candidate.

“To set down Mr. Malpass as the ‘champagne-and-caviar’ candidate is not only inaccurate (the meals we had with him at his home included hot dogs, hamburgers, beer and pizza) but a libel of the Reaganite, big-tent conservatism for which he stands,” says the cozy editorial.

The Sun also published excerpts from Mr. Malpass’s speech to the Republican state convention last week–its only coverage from the convention, and the first story filed in its News vertical since May 11. Malpass Gets Endorsement from Defunct New York Daily