McHose is in on buget vote

Gov Chris Christie may have wrangled his final stray.

Assembly budget holdout Alison McHose (R-Franklin) has said she will now vote for the budget once her amendment to restore funding for pre-school is voted on. McHose said she will propose and amendment that would pull free pre-school away from the state’s Aboott districts and use the $613 million savings to restore aid to all districts.

“I’m hoping to get support from the other side of the aisle on the amendment,” she said, adding that even if the amendment fails, she will vote yes on the budget.

McHose said she was promised nothing by the governor in exchange for her vote.

The Sussex County Assemblywoman is likley the last holdout on the budget that is due to be voted on in both houses of the legislature today.  She and fellow Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-Morris Twp.) were the final holdouts after senate Republicans apparently came to agreements with their wavering members over the weekend.  Carroll signaled earlier today that he also may fall into line, saying the Democrats were using his stance to make the budget worse than it already was.

McHose and Carroll  caused the GOP some angst last week when they spoke up against the plan after a deal between Democratic leaders and Gov. Chris Christie had been struck that would provide Christie eight Democratic votes in the assembly and four in the senate to push his budget through without a government shut down.  When the two assembly representatives and a handful of senate Republicans signaled their intent to defect, Democrats were waiting to pounce.




McHose is in on buget vote