Measured iPad Optimism from Glamour’s Cindi Leive

We caught up with Glamour editor Cindi Leive, the “traditional media person” on yesterday’s Internet Week panel on the future of media, to get her reaction to the recent news that Wired‘s June issue’s iPad sales were on pace to beat the magazine’s newsstand numbers.

“Of course it’s good news! It’s great news!” Ms. Leive said.

“The reason that that 73,000 figure is exciting to me is that people want to look at magazines that way and they’re willing to pay for it,” she added. “Can you sketch out exact projections based on that? Of course not.”

Ms. Leive said that her team, which won the first ever “Magazine of the Year” ASME this year, is currently developing an app for Glamour.

“The print business, at this point, still supports everything we do, but we’re moving forward,” she said. “This is something that readers are going to be paying attention to, and we want to be there.”

A Glamour app is in “R&D” right now, she said.

“The magazine stuff looks incredible. The photography is just gorgeous. The resolution is amazing. And it’s actually a pretty satisfying way to read a long article if it’s formatted properly; you can’t just take pdfs and plop them on the iPad,” Ms. Leive said.

Does Ms. Leive expect her numbers to be as good as those of her Condé colleague and Wired editor Chris Anderson?

“Listen, it’s Wired,” she said. “Are readers of every magazine going to respond exactly that way right out of the gate? No. I’m sure they have more readers with iPads right now than I do.”

“It is setting the bar high,” she added.

What about an iPad app of the year award?

“Considering we haven’t designed our app yet, I think that would be a little over ambitious,” she said.

“I’d like to sell a few downloads first.”

Measured iPad Optimism from Glamour’s Cindi Leive