Morning News Digest: June 11, 2010

Adler wants debates, and Runyan agrees – details to be determined

Throwing another very early flurry at his challenger today, U.S. Rep. John Adler (D-Cherry Hill) complained that Jon Runyan is too ponderous in considering Adler’s debate challenge, a communication the Runyan campaign dismissed as Adler theatrics. The freshman congressman stepped onto a debate stage with his 3rd Congressional District Republican combatant 13 times in 2008. He wants roughly the same amount of time against Runyan, a former Philadelphia Eagles football star. (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ)

Halfacre admits dropping out of 12th District Primary was a mistake

Along with the Anna Little outcome on Tuesday night, one of the surprise stories in the Republican Primary was Tea Party Approved candidate Dave Corsi’s 46 to 54% 12th Congressional District loss to establishment Republican Scott Sipprelle, a venture capitalist from Princeton. The fact that a candidate running with about $5,000 against a $640,000 GOP juggernaut could win two of five counties and send a streak of fear down the backs of Sipprelle supporters early in the evening was not lost on Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre. (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ)

The Runyan-Adler slugfest begins

Finally, the opening bell has rung on South Jersey’s best political slugfest of the season. Wearing Republican red is former Eagles’ lineman Jon Runyan, a political newcomer and recent GOP registrant running in the Third Congressional District, which spans Burlington and Ocean Counties and includes Cherry Hill in Camden County. In Democratic blue is the Harvard-educated, freshman U.S. Rep. John Adler, who is in the prime of his political career. (Burton, Inquirer) 

Christie appoints Verniero to judicial panel

 Gov. Christie on Wednesday named former New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Peter G. Verniero chairman of a panel that screens judicial nominations, apparently sending a message that he will not back down from his decision against renominating Justice John E. Wallace Jr. to the Supreme Court. Christie named replacements for the entire Judicial Advisory Panel, whose seven members abruptly resigned last week. Six of them cited as their reason Christie’s decision not to renominate Wallace. (Lu, Inquirer)

N.J. to decide on enhanced Medicaid funds 

With just three weeks until the deadline to adopt a state budget, New Jersey awaits a decision on more than $570 million in enhanced federal Medicaid funding that is critical to the state’s finances. Congress is debating whether to grant a six-month extension of the enhanced funds, known as Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (FMAP), to help offset increased demand for Medicaid during the economic downturn. New Jersey counted on approval of the measure. (Lu, Inquirer) 

 Stile: McNerney clings to blue-law issue 

Most Bergen politicians say Governor Christie’s ill-conceived plan to allow Sunday shopping in Bergen County appears to be dead. Everybody, that is, except Democratic County Executive Dennis McNerney. (Stile, The Record) 

Ingle: Why does Christie ignore obvious savings?

 As Gov. Christie tries to cover budget deficits and create a spending plan for the fiscal year starting July 1 taxpayers can support, it surprises some he hasn’t gone for an obvious saving — changes to that $9 billion railroad tunnel under the Hudson. It is way too expensive and just not practical the way it is designed. Moreover, the whole thing is paid for by New Jersey and the federal government. New York won’t touch it. (Ingle, Gannett)

Morning News Digest: June 11, 2010