Morning News Digest: June 2, 2010

Establishment GOP confident in face of upstart 3rd District candidate Murphy

It looked like a bore snore primary in the 3rd District before establishment darling Jon Runyan demonstrated repeated less than stellar fundraising (he has $135k cash on hand) and the Philadelphia Inquirer backed underdog Justin Murphy, a former Tabernacle committeeman. The back-to-back bad news for Runyan put the race on a few radars. (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ)

Lonegan: ‘Lance is going to get the scare of his lifetime’

Steve Lonegan admits a lot of the Tea Party candidates running against the GOP establishment are political novices. But even if they don’t win, they serve a critical purpose, added last year’s movement Republican conservative candidate for governor, who lost to Gov. Chris Christie, 42-55%. (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ)

Clinton Township primary pits 2 Republican challengers vs. 2 Republican incumbents

Primary voters here will choose two Republican candidates from a field of two incumbents and two challengers for the November general election ballot’s two three-year seats on the township council. Since no Democrat has filed for the primary, those voters could be choosing the eventual council members as well. (O’Brien, Gannett)

GOP sees a chance to win S. Jersey seats

Rick DeMichele Jr., chairman of the Camden County Republican Committee, was stunned when he saw this year’s list of freeholder candidates. Eight Republicans had signed up for the June 8 primary, seeking two seats on a board populated exclusively by Democrats since the early 1990s. “Five of them never even contacted me,” he said. “Most years I have to go out and actively recruit people just to get in the primary. This year there’s an abundance.” (Osborne, Inquirer)

Evesham prepares for first-ever primary

Politics in Evesham is always colorful, and this year’s mayoral primary is true to form. Mayor Randy Brown seeks a second term, this time as a Republican. He ran for mayor as a Democrat in 2007 upon failing to win the GOP’s endorsement, and defeated a 16-year incumbent whose reelection campaign he had run in 2003 as a Republican. (Rao, Inquirer)

Morning News Digest: June 2, 2010