Morning Read: A Tale of Two Budgets

Governor Paterson is getting some help from Senate Republicans, who have all but ruled out joining Democrats to override his vetoes.

The Daily News is backing him too, calling the vetoes a “welcome assertion of gubernatorial powers.”

Democrats are saying the SUNY tuition overhaul isn’t dead.

Paterson and legislative leaders seem to agree on a tax for out-of-state hedge fund managers.

The Council agreed to Mayor Bloomberg’s budget yesterday—unanimously, with the exception of Councilman Charles Barron.

The Post says the 6 percent increase in spending is “unconscionable.”

The Council might like to hear a little more about the mayor’s hiring practices.

Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez denied he had attacked a female member of his staff.

Eric Dinallo is in Washington today to testify about financial regulation.

Elena Kagan’s Day Two highlights.

In short, she didn’t say much.

Jeff Sessions’ said she was not “rigorously accurate” about her Harvard days.

Both The Times and WaPo have stories on the Roberts court.

The Court quietly affirmed the ban on soft money, though there were signs it might clarify in the future.

Morning Read: A Tale of Two Budgets