Morning Read: Big Cuts

State lawmakers passed an emergency spending bill with $775 million in health care cuts last night.

Andrew Cuomo has taken $320,540 dollars from lobbyists over the last two years.

Al D’Amato on the league-leading $60,000 dollars he spread around Albany: “Wow! I thought I gave more than that.”

Fox News would like to grab Helen Thomas’s old seat.

Rudy Giuliani endorsed in South Carolina.

Charles Hurt is watching Nevada.

Carl Paladino picked former NYC Councilman Tom Ognibene to be his running mate.

President Obama is figuring out whose ass to kick.

Schneiderman and Brodsky: All in, in case there was any question.

John Haggerty “lives, breathes, and dies politics,” but couldn’t be reached by The Times.

The Public Employees Federation is calling for an investigation of the DOT’s contract process.

The Collected Convention Interviews of Liz Benjamin: Volume 1.

And, it’s been one year since the coup.

Morning Read: Big Cuts