Morning Read: Crybabies, Cutbacks

Sources in Governor Paterson’s administration are calling Dick Ravitch a “crybaby” for skipping budget meetings and saying he’s not being included.

Paterson might roll back his budget cuts for schools.

State Senator Eric Adams tells Liz he’s “falling in behind” Bill Thompson, and won’t run for mayor if Thompson does.

The Times questions whether Kathleen Rice was really for Rockefeller Drug Law reform.

Jimmy questions whether Andrew Cuomo really has a diversity problem.

Elena Kagan still might get filibustered.

Senator Chuck Schumer said China’s mixed signals over how it will value its currency prove he was right to be pessimistic.

The Journal reports that Schumer “hedged” on the end-user exemptions in the derivatives bill when asked about it by lobbyists from Ford and MillerCoors at a fundraiser on Wednesday.

The Post picks up a Telegraph report that Rahm Emanuel is plotting an exit strategy from the Obama adminstration.

Ken Feinberg said he’s “not beholden” to the administration nor to BP.

Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance Jr. will get some fundraising help from his counterpart on Law and Order.

Sean Coffey is hitting A.G. frontrunners Kathleen Rice and Eric Schneiderman over their respective ties to Pedro Espada. (second item)

Bronx Assemblyman Michael Benjamin is putting re-election and a congressional challenge on hold until after redistricting.

And Kristin Davis is trying to recruit an A.G. candidate.

Morning Read: Crybabies, Cutbacks