Morning Read: Obama Goes on the Offensive

President Obama says the BP spill “echoes 9/11.”

The president will pressure BP to set up an escrow account in his first Oval Office address tomorrow.

State Senators are trying to avoid a government shutdown.

John Sampson says it’s not a game of chicken.

Shelly Silver says Sampson has it under control.

“It’s June and it’s the Senate, and one never really know what’s going to happen in the Senate,” said Governor Paterson.

Pedro Espada “fully expects” to vote Yes.

Fred Dicker says Dick Ravitch is “boycotting” budget meetings, since no one is listening to him.

Comptroller Tom DiNapoli might be endangering his political future if he signs off on the plan to borrow from the state pension.

Andrew Cuomo isn’t buying Alan Hevesi’s everybody-does-it argument.

Pete King wants the U.S. to quit the U.N. Human Rights Council over its flotilla investigation.

Eliot Spitzer didn’t have realistic expectations for a WABC radio show. Morning Read: Obama Goes on the Offensive