Morning Read: Obama Versus Oil

President Obama declared war on the oil spill.

Newsweek thought it was flat.

Sarah Palin thinks we should have called the Dutch.

The next state budget extender might have a $1-per-pack cigarette tax hike.

David Paterson said he might try a piecemeal approach this week.

New York might finally be getting no-fault divorce.

The Board of Elections will be looking into the Independence Party’s role in the John Haggerty case.

Alleged campaign tricks in Erie County are making Steve Pigeon a statewide issue.

Attorney General Cuomo is looking at Google Street View for possible privacy violations.

At the behest of attorney general candidate Richard Brodsky.

The House Ethics Committee is looking at how close Joe Crowley and Christopher Lee attended fundraisers before their vote on a financial reform bill.

And here’s the speech, if you missed it:

Morning Read: Obama Versus Oil