Murphy: low turnout early in Burlington

Renegade Republican Justin Murphy voted in his hometown of Tabernacle at around 9:15 this morning.

The 3rd District candidate hoping to upset organization man Jon Runyan, Murphy told, “It’s very light turnout in the towns down here.

“I am sure a light turnout favors the Murphy camp,” Murphy added.

An establishment GOP source concurs that diehard Republicans on the right – the Lonegan crowd – vote regardless of the circumstances.

“It’s the opposite of a Democratic Primary in the urban ares,” said the source, where typically the infrastructure of city government – police, fire, etc., bolster establishment turnout.

“I’m comfortable we made our case for a conservative new direction for the country,” Murphy said, “and a new course for the party, determined by the people and not party bosses.”

Murphy’s opponent has the backing of all three official Republican organizations in the 3rd District in his quest to represent the GOP against U.S. Rep. John Adler (D-Cherry Hill). 

Murphy: low turnout early in Burlington