New Jersey and Sponge Bob, Perfect Together

Sunday’s Op-Ed from George Zoffinger that appeared in The Record is yet another must read from the outspoken former head of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority.

Zoffinger, who once called former Democratic Gov. Dick Codey an idiot, this time digs into his reperoire of cartoon characters to compare Codey, a state senator, first to Homer Simpson and then to Sponge Bob Square Pants. And he didn’t stop there. He went on to liken former Chief Counsel Paul Fader to Sponge Bob’s neighbor in Bikini Bottom, Squidward Tentacles.  DOH!

What sparked Zoffinger’s ire this time was an Op-Ed by Faber touting the deal cut for the new Giants Stadium.

“Some have argued that the new stadium deal is a financial loser for the state, saying the Authority would lose more than $16 million in rent revenue it had been receiving for Giants Stadium,” Fader wrote. “But the new stadium will easily pay for itself and more through additional tax revenue.”

Zoffinger, who worked for Codey during the Democratic state senator’s brief tenure as governor after the resignation of former gov. Jim McGreevey, pulls no punches in his response.

“The new Meadowlands deal with the Giants/Jets is not good for New Jersey taxpayers, not good for fans and not good for the employees of the Meadowlands,” Zoffinger wrote in his letter to The Record. “Business people could have made a much better deal for the state.”


New Jersey and Sponge Bob, Perfect Together