No Such Thing as a Free Lasagna! Time Food Critic in Hot Water

Josh Ozersky is a food critic for Time magazine, or something like that. 

Yesterday the Voice‘s food writer Robert Sietsema wrote an open letter to Mr. Ozersky, criticizing him for his latest column about the food at his wedding — lasagna and cake provided by celebrity chefs that the groom couldn’t afford.

“You don’t make clear in the article how or if you paid for all this booty,” wrote Mr. Sietsema yesterday. “Nowhere in the article does it say, ‘I paid the chefs fair price for the services and products they provided, and Jeffrey Chodorow for the place where the banquet was held,’ which is what a journalist who acquired these services and then wrote about them should have done.”

“The most painful part of the article for me is the headline, in which you declare yourself a food critic,” he added. Mr. Ozersky’s column was titled “Tips from a Newly Married Critic.”

Ms. Ozersky has now added a “clarification” to his column. He’s not a critic, despite what the headline says.

I am not an anonymous critic and I don’t review restaurants for TIME (or anyone else). I comment and enlarge on trends on gastronomy, which I stay aware of by being close to chefs. I love my chef friends, and wanted to share their food with my other friends.

Just like all those blogers who aren’t vodka critics, but need to keep up with the latest trends in free booze.

No Such Thing as a Free Lasagna! Time Food Critic in Hot Water