Opening This Weekend: Laughs, Scares, Talking Dogs and the Latest Katherine Heigl Stinkbomb

Looking for something to do this weekend to stay out of the humidity? Here’s a handy guide to the new releases.

Get Him to the Greek

What’s the story: Since summer wouldn’t be complete without a Judd Apatow comedy, here comes Get Him to the Greek. The Great Judd only executive produces Nicholas Stoller’s unofficial sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but that doesn’t mean fans of his oeuvre will be disappointed. Russell Brand reprises his Sarah Marshall role as Aldous Snow, an unhinged rockstar — and the “him” of the title — who shows record company flak Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) a thing or two about the good life on their journey to the Greek Theater in Los Angeles for an anniversary concert. The reviews have been fairly strong for this type of film — and the marketing unrelenting — so expect almost everyone you know in the target demographic to see it over the weekend. And expect Mr. Brand to become the Sacha Baron Cohen of 2010.

Who should see it: Katy Perry.


What’s the story: And since summer wouldn’t be complete without a terrible Katherine Heigl romantic comedy, here comes Killers. Just how bad is this film? We’re not exactly sure, but since Lionsgate wouldn’t even screen it for critics, that should tell you something. Ms. Heigl stars as an unlucky-in-love homebody who meets the man of her dreams (Ashton Kutcher) only to find out that he’s a spy. Think: True Lies or the upcoming Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz film, Knight and Day. In other words, maybe wait a few weeks and see the version of this with actual movie stars.

Who should see it: Mr. & Mrs. Smith.


What’s the story: Like horror films, but tired of all the soulless reboots? Then say hello to Splice. Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley (where have you been Ms. Polley!) star as a pair of scientists who break ethical boundaries in an attempt to mix – or splice, get it? – human and animal DNA. Needless to say, things don’t go as planned and a crazy monster with wings named Dren is created. The twist is that the scientists adopt her as their own “daughter.” Yikes. Critics seem on board — our Rex Reed is a fan — and a similar conceit worked for Species a decade ago, so why not?

Who should see it: Rosemary’s Baby.


What’s the story: What hath Alvin and the Chipmunks wrought? Apparently Marmaduke. Owen Wilson voices the iconic comic strip dog in what would be in the running for worst movie of the year if Killers didn’t already exist. Considering the trailer is noxious, only see this if you want to punish your children

Who should see it: Clifford.

Also opening this weekend: Colin Farrell heads Neil Jordan’s mermaid drama Ondine.

Opening This Weekend: Laughs, Scares, Talking Dogs and the Latest Katherine Heigl Stinkbomb