Oxley: Monmouth numbers ‘horrendous’

Republican Election Day turnout was anemic in Monmouth County – 25%, and less than the School Board election, by the reckoning of Monmouth County Republican Committee Chairman Joe Oxley.

“Horrendous,” the chairman told PolitickerNJ.com.

Equally discouraging for Oxley and establishment Republicans is that the campaign of their 6th District Congressional candidate, Diane Gooch, appears to be mortally wounded heading into a provisional ballot count favoring a squeak-out victory by Tea Party approved Highlands Mayor Anna Little. 

“Clearly, she had the support of the Tea Party folks and the Right to Life folks, she worked very hard and there were a whole lot of factors,” Oxley said.

With Tuesday wins in the freeholder and sheriff’s candidates’ boxes, the Republican chairman radiates no sense of being on his party’s endangered species list, unlike Cape May County Freeholder David Von Savage, whose freeholders’ loses to off-the-line contenders render him almost poltically lifeless going into Tuesday’s reorganization meeting.

For his part, Oxley said if Little wins, the party will stand with her.

“I think in this environment anything is possible,” he said, of Little’s prospects of beating U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-Long Branch) in the November general election. “This is an exciting time to be a Republican. Healthcare has been a disaster.”

Oxley said he has given no counsel to either the Little or Gooch campaign since Tuesday.

“Absolutely not,” said the chairman. “It’s up to the respective camps to work this out.

“I anticipate that either late Friday or early Monday, they will certify this thing,” Oxley added. “There are not that many absentees or provisionals. It’s going to come down to the wire.”

Oxley: Monmouth numbers ‘horrendous’