Paula Froelich in Retrograde

Former Page Six-er Paula Froelich posed naked for her ex-boyfriend, the painter Les Rogers. Later, she planted an item with her former boss Richard Johnson in the Post‘s gossip column about it.

The item also mentioned that Ms. Froelich would be reading from the recently released paperback edition of her book Mercury in Retrograde Thursday night.

Ms. Froehlich wrote a blog post yesterday about her decision to get naked.

So, after a brief fight with myself, (Me: “Why not?”; Myself: “No one should have nude pics of you!”; Me: “It’s art!”; Myself: “It’s butt-naked!”; Me: “Shut up.”) I did it.

So, of course, I sent an item to my old boss, Richard Johnson… just happening to mention that I have a reading at Borders Park Ave (at E 57) on Thursday (you see? It was all a ruse to promote my new paperback, Mercury in Retrograde… ha). And Richard writes back, “Using your dog and nudity to promote a book? You have learned well, grasshopper!” (My reply: “I learned from the master of the best dojo in town”).

File under: working the system.

Paula Froelich in Retrograde