Sarlo: Christie’s allegiance with richest residents

TRENTON – Senate lawmakers stand on the floor now and state Sen. Paul Sarlo (D-Wood-Ridge) drills Gov. Chris Christie on his budget priorities.

“His true allegiance lies with the state’s richest residents,” says the senate budget committee chairman. “The ultimate test of the budget is to the ultimate test of true shared sacrifice, and I believe this budget fails that test.”

Sarlo says by his reckoning a senior citizen making the national median income of $18,200 would pay $1,750 or ten percent of his/her income as a consequence of Christie’s property tax rebates and school and municipal aid cuts.

By contrast, a family earning $1.2 million would get a $12,398 tax cut.

“Shared sacrifice needs to be more than a bumper sticker,” Sarlo says. 

Sarlo: Christie’s allegiance with richest residents