Schneiderman Expects W.F.P. Endorsement … Eventually

This morning, after accepting the endorsement of former Spitzer and Paterson aide Sean Patrick Maloney–who captured nearly 10 percent of the primary vote in the attorney general’s race four years ago–attorney general candidate Eric Schneiderman predicted he and Andrew Cuomo would both end up with the support of the Working Families Party come November.

“I think we’ll both end up having the Democratic and Working Families lines,” Mr. Schneiderman told the Observer after the press conference.

“I look forward to them resolving all of their issues as quickly as possible,” he said of the investigations surrounding the party. “Obviously, if they’re actually charged with some actual misconduct, that’s a different situation. But the current level of inquiry is not something that really would prevent me from working with people that I’ve worked with for many, many years and who have supported me in all my races in the past.”

The party endorsed placeholder candidates this weekend, after Mr. Cuomo announced last week that he wouldn’t accept the nomination of the party, saying he would “revisit the question in September.”

“I understand the logic,” Mr. Schneiderman said of the W.F.P.’s decision. “I’m not sure I necessarily agree with the decision, but it’s not something that would affect me for the primary. I trust that they will in fact endorse someone heading into the general election, which is when the third party line is important.”

“I think I’ve got the pieces in place that really form the base of the Working Families coalition anyway,” said Mr. Schneiderman. “And I think that having the line as a second line for people who just don’t want to pull a Democratic lever is a good thing to have in November.”

The party’s endorsement would have come as a boost to Mr. Schneiderman, who is running without the support of the presumptive gubernatorial nominee

Michael Gonda contributed reporting.

Schneiderman Expects W.F.P. Endorsement … Eventually