Shelter ‘Discombobulated,’ Domino Refugee Builds a House of Wires

Former Domino staffer Michelle Adams and photographer Patrick Cline met at a shoot for the late Condé title a few years ago.

In October of last year, they launched a shelter magazine together online, Lonny Magazine. Today they will announce that they’ve raised investment funds for their project, an extremely important hurdle in the life of any young website.

“The shelter design industry is incredibly discombobulated,” one of the site’s new investors told The Times.

Discombulated is fair. Paige Rense Noland, 81, announced her retirement at the beginning of June after more than three decades editing Architectural Digest. Meanwhile, Domino is closed and there is certainly a need to replace it. And of all things, Debora Needleman is consulting on the launch of the Wall Street Journal‘s new weekend lifestlye section.

“There’s a ton of money and it’s completely unprofitable, so it seemed to be a perfect place to find highly disruptive technologies,” the banker said.

Lonny is the highly disruptive technology in this instance, which is funny given that the site is incredibly wedded to the form of traditional shelter magazines. You turn pages online and, according to The Times, you can even tear them out, “the digital version of the tear sheet collections hidden in design lovers’ closets.”

Shelter ‘Discombobulated,’ Domino Refugee Builds a House of Wires