Should Daniel Day-Lewis Star in Sherlock Holmes 2?

A funny thing about Sherlock Holmes, Guy Ritchie’s completely forgettable-but-kinda-charming 2009 blockbuster: It had the most desperate set-up for a sequel ever. Seriously. The movie was over and then what felt like an eternity was spent on the evil professor Moriarty, who was shown only when surrounded by darkness and a nondescript English accent. The rumors at the time were that Brad Pitt was all but assured that role for the sequel (as Scream has taught us, there will always be a sequel), in no small part because of his relationship with Guy Ritchie. Though considering the only film they ever made together was Snatch, let’s just assume their relationship isn’t likely to come between the ones Pitt has with David Fincher and Steven Soderbergh. That’s all moot now, however, as Ritchie is rumored to have moved on to his next target for Moriarty: Daniel Day-Lewis.

The veracity of this claim aside — you might need a shovel for the grains of salt you’d need to believe this — let’s just play out this scenario: Day-Lewis would immediately make Sherlock Holmes 2 about ten-times more intriguing; the interactions between the Oscar winner and Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock would have all-time potential; and it would be an opportunity to see Day-Lewis do something entirely new — in this case, play the heavy in a big-budget studio affair. There is no downside here, other than this being a crappy movie.

But face it: As much as we all like to hold Daniel Day-Lewis up on a pedestal because of his talent, care of craft and commitment, it’s not like he only makes good movies. Would Sherlock Holmes 2 really be worse than Nine? If it includes any scenes of Moriarty singing and dancing or Fergie in any capacity, then yes. Should Daniel Day-Lewis Star in Sherlock Holmes 2?