Sliwa Reprises Role as King Cuomo

Radio personality and community activist Curtis Sliwa crashed the Republican State Convention this morning, reprising his King Cuomo II character and ordering his “subjects” to pay him late taxes.

Mr. Sliwa stormed the second floor of the Sheraton New York Hotel, ranting just feet from the convention floor–one week after he debuted the regal garb at the Democrats’ convention and was promptly booted. Security at the Sheraton gave him the same treatment, even though Republicans had been pushing their own Cuomo Kingdom narrative all week, with a big “Prince Andrew” sign in the hallway.

No one seemed to take much notice until hotel security ushered Mr. Sliwa down an escalator and out the main entrance.

Asked where he would go next, Mr. Sliwa said he was heading for his chariot.

“I’m going just as I came, on my horse and chariot. And King Cuomo never forgives and never forgets. I am your king!” he said, looking at one of the guards.

Outside the hotel, tourists–unaccustomed to New York’s political theater–stood agape.

“To the walkway of the world’s Times Square!” Sliwa told them, and walked down Seventh Avenue, rounding the corner at 52nd street.

Sliwa Reprises Role as King Cuomo