Sliwa’s King Cuomo Offers Cheesy Lasagnagate Bit

Sunday morning, Little Italy saw the confluence of two of the most amusing stories to come out of the New York gubernatorial race: Curtis Sliwa’s “King Cuomo” character and the public mockery of Sandra Lee’s lasagna.

By our count, this marks the third time Sliwa has donned his regal trappings – complete with a sign, should you somehow miss his subtle point – to protest Andrew Cuomo’s candidacy. This time, he targeted the attorney general’s girlfriend Sandra Lee, whose “semi-homemade” lasagna was recently criticized by Andrew’s mother. In Little Italy, the part of Lee was played by an enthusiastic woman in a low-cut turquoise dress.

Sliwa decreed that all lasagna in “Cuomolot” would now be made with cottage cheese and tomato soup instead of ricotta and sauce, as per Lee’s recipe. He also said that there was no truth to the rumor that his “lapdog” Kathleen Rice would prosecute Lee for “first degree assault” on his tastebuds. Rice currently has Cuomo’s backing as replacement attorney general.

Fun fact: according to the press release distributed before the event, it was the 18th anniversary of Sliwa’s brutal shooting at the hands of Gambino gangsters. Because what could be more life-affirming than harassing out-of-towners with your polemic noodle dish before being written up for blocking foot traffic?

Video below:


Sliwa’s King Cuomo Offers Cheesy Lasagnagate Bit