Sources: Jackson now tied with Segura

Sources in Mercer County Court this afternoon report that during a break in the proceedings, Department of Public Works Director Eric Jackson appears to have gained two votes, which now puts him in a tie with At-Large Councilman Manny Segura.

But it’s not over.

With previously disgarded provisional ballots in tow, Jackson went into Judge Mary Jacobson’s court today trailing Segura by two votes.

The winner of this protracted fight between Segura and Jackson will face former Mercer County Freeholder Tony Mack, who already secured a spot in the June 15th runoff for mayor of Trenton.

Segura is battling to be the second anti-establishment candidate to make the runoff, a potential outcome causing spasms in the camp of departing Mayor Doug Palmer, who backs Jackson.

Yesterday, Segura spokeswoman Patricia Cabrera told that if Jackson wants to continue to dredge up provisionals, the Segura campaign can do the same, and likely produce more votes in the end. Sources: Jackson now tied with Segura