Tavi on Fashion: Look to Daria

As you may have already heard, Tavi Gevinson, the beloved 14-year-old fashion blogger, is guest-blogging at Jezebel this week. Her first topic, naturally, is Daria — the ’90s animated MTV show that, like Sassy magazine (also her favorite), Tavi is probably too young to remember as a current event in pop culture.

For fashion people, talking about Daria has become a bit like talking about Anna Wintour’s first Vogue cover from November 1988 on which the editor matched a $50 pair of jeans and $10,000 bejeweled Christian Lacroix sweater. Not only is it a way to show off some knowing nostalgia, but it is also a way to position oneself against what Vogue stands for now–the popular girl with the predictable look. (Dana Lorenz of Fenton/Fallon jewelery, which combines downtown spikes with uptown pearls, also recently referenced Daria as an inspiration during an interview with The Observer.) 

Here’s Tavi’s take on the animated character:

“Daria hates fashion, probably the same way Yohji Yamamoto hates fashion. And still, she has the coolest style ever, especially for a cartoon character that has to wear the same thing every day – an orange shirt, a dark green blazer, schoolgirl skirt, black tights, and combat boots.” It’s awesome because she doesn’t know it’s awesome – I would call it effortless, but that word has been abused by that contrived bedhead, shredded leather leggings look (which Vogue US put a solid end to in the “Point of View” page in this month’s issue – THANK YOU.) It’s like elderly women I saw gardening in alleyways when I went to Tokyo, or the kind of person who pops up on a street style blog and you can totally tell they don’t give a shit about where their clothes are from or the fact that people will write comments about their outfit online.”

If someone isn’t already working on a Daria-themed fashion spread, now might be the time.

Tavi on Fashion: Look to Daria