The Boys Are Back, Etc.: Entourage Returns…Again

If it seems like you had to wait extra long to watch the season premiere of Entourage last night, that’s probably because you did. Not that airing True Blood at 9 p.m. is a bad strategy for HBO, but does anyone really need to wait through the drab boringness of Hung to get to the shimmery nothingness of Entourage at 10:30 p.m.? Probably not.

Still, you probably waited — and you’ll probably never actually admit to watching Entourage, since it has become en vogue to kill the show for being superficial and dumb. This despite the fact that Entourage never seemed to even have aspirations to be anything other than a goof of wealth, supermodels and weed. To no surprise, the season premiere had all three in excess. Here’s how it broke down.


Ne’er-do-well Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), who was last seen breaking up with Jamie Lynn-Sigler — blurring the lines of reality on Entourage since they broke up in real life too! — apparently owns a limo company with a fleet of Mercedes. Oh, and they are driven by a cabal of beautiful girls, one of which quits after Turtle tries to kiss her. No sexual harassment here!

Wealth rating: 5.


Not to be outdone by Turtle’s Angels, Drama (Kevin Dillon) flirts with the craft services girl on the set of Vince’s new movie…who just happens to look like a Maxim cover model.

Supermodel rating: 7.


Only on Entourage could an important business meeting begin with, “Want to smoke up?” And so, Johnny Drama and the network executive he has a deal with (played with lovely nonchalance by William Fichtner) light up and discuss the future.

Weed rating: 8.

The Boys Are Back, Etc.: Entourage Returns…Again