The Knight and Day Desperation Index

Between the constant television spots, movie trailers, posters and talk show interviews, if you haven’t heard about Knight and Day, you must have been out of the country. And even then, you should still probably know what the wannabe Mr. & Mrs. Smith knock-off starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz is all about. With the Summer of Discontent marching full steam ahead—and the box office tracking for Knight and Day putting it on par with the similarly themed May dud [Ed note: Some of us are very excited to see this one!], Killers—the marketing for this thing has seemed more intrusive and desperate than any other big-ticket release in some time. But just how desperate? Let’s investigate the Desperation Index.

The viral video campaign

You didn’t see that video where Cameron Diaz mistakenly kicks Tom Cruise into a table on the set of Knight and Day and purports it to be real? No, us neither. That’s because when someone tries to “make” a viral video, they usually fail miserably. Desperation Level: 4 out of 10.

Tom Cruise as “Les Grossman” at the MTV Movie Awards

While watching Cruise dance (and dance well!) with Jennifer Lopez at the MTV Movie Awards was fun—especially while dressed as his Tropic Thunder alter ego Les Grossman—something about it just stunk of misplaced marketing savvy. After all, that MTV audience is Twilight central, and—wouldn’t you know it—Eclipse comes out during the same week as Knight and Day. Like those fans are going to choose Tom and Cameron over Edward and Bella. Desperation Level: 6 out of 10.

Cameron Diaz’s Playboy interview

If you haven’t read the clips from Diaz’s recent Playboy interview, just know that she uses words that would make even Hugh Hefner blush (but maybe not Larry Flynt). If Megan Fox has taught us anything, it’s that the more outlandish the interview answers, the worse the movie. Does anyone remember Jennifer’s Body? Thought so. Desperation Level: 9 out of 10. The Knight and Day Desperation Index