The Tony Awards: Winners, Losers and Green Day

For most of Sunday night’s ceremony, the Tony Awards were brisk, entertaining and accessible to even the non-theater geeks in the audience — the Sunday Times story aside, theater geeks have not inherited the earth just yet. Too bad then that by the end — when the big awards were handed out — the wheels came off, and winners were pushed up on stage and immediately rushed off. By the time Memphis was announced as winner for Best Musical — and half of Radio City Musical Hall went up to accept — it seemed like the wrap up music was already playing. Maybe next year show a little less Green Day? You can see a full list of the Tony winners here (huzzah to Memphis and Red!), but in the meantime, here are the Tony Award Show’s winners and losers.

Winner: Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenowith

Whether it was their opening make-out session — somewhere, Newsweek writer Ramin Setoodeh is running his DVR back to inspect the kiss for authenticity — or some banter about Chenowith not getting nominated, the Promises, Promises co-stars provided the biggest laughs of the night. Hayes did a great job as host — and following 2009 host Neil Patrick Harris couldn’t have been easy— but can we start the “Kristin Chenowith Should Host the Tonys” Facebook campaign right now? Good, let’s. 

Loser: Chris Noth

Poor Mr. Big. Saddled with having to introduce the one failed conceit of the night — stars for the Best Play nominees explaining what their plays are about —Mr. Noth looked lost to begin with. That he had to be told to look at the camera and talk by someone off-stage was just the cherry on top.

Winner: Katie Finneran

The Promises, Promises star won for Best Featured Actress in a Musical and her speech was tearful, heartfelt, spontaneous and everything that a great acceptance speech should be. She even talked to the “kids at home!” If you saw Finneran’s speech and weren’t a bit choked up, check you pulse immediately.

Loser: Denzel Washington

Kudos to Washington for winning Best Actor in a Play, but did his speech have to be so awful? Washington didn’t seem to have a clue what the Tony Awards even were. The night was filled with Hollywood stars moonlighting as stage players — Catherine Zeta-Jones and Scarlett Johannson were other winners — but it was Washington who felt the most out of place. The Tony Awards: Winners, Losers and Green Day