Vanilla Ice, Suprisingly Successful Real Estate Developer

He hasn’t just been living off royalties from “Ice Ice Baby.” As it happens, Vanilla Ice is actually a somewhat successful real estate developer, or so an interview in the South Florida Real Deal would seem to indicate.

The one-time pop sensation who has been plagued by drug abuse, and a less-than-stellar musical reputation, is a real estate entrepreneur, and has been one since he was a teenager.

“I bought a bunch of houses when I was 16. I bought several houses, not as investments, just to have a few houses around the country — one in L.A, one in New York, I lived in Laurel Canyon [in Los Angeles] for a while, and I had a house in the ski slopes of Utah and another in Miami,” he tells the Real Deal. “Then I realized that that was ridiculous that I could only live in one house. So I sold the houses when I was about 19 or 20. They were just basically collecting cobwebs. So I realized at a young age — I sold them and I made a lot of money, and I profited on all of them.”

Since then he’s bought, flipped and developed properties in Florida, including, most recently, a development for car enthusiasts called Car Lofts in Delray Beach and a mansion in Wellington. Needless to say, he will soon have a reality TV show called The Vanilla Ice Project, which will focus on his real estate doings, premiering this fall on the DIY Network.

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Vanilla Ice, Suprisingly Successful Real Estate Developer