What Does Jeff Bezos Think About in the Shower?

Jeff Bezos thinks about customers, and innovation.

He tells Fortune:

When I wake up every morning, during my shower time, what I’m thinking about is new things that we can do.

We’ve got Amazon Prime. Customers love that. How can we make that program even better? What kind of inventions can we do to reduce our cost structures and our fulfillment centers so we can afford to sell products for even less? Those kinds of things are incredibly motivating for me, and I like the rate of change, I like the opportunity, the “canvas” upon which we can invent new things.

We ourselves think about bug bites, and whether we ought to shave our legs. But this is why Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Amazon.com and we are not.

Also addressed in the interview are the Kindle’s competititors, the evolution of the book, and the agency model. And take note, publishers: Bezos forecasts a market shift away from the houses who try to maintain higher prices (“It’s a significant shift and we’re seeing it already”). What Does Jeff Bezos Think About in the Shower?